Electrochemical Materials
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Kubicek, Markus, Dr.

Markus Kubicek

ETH Zürich
Dr. Markus Kubicek
Professur Elektrochem. Materialien




Ph.D. Physical sciences, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2013
Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite as Model System to Study Relationships of Surface Chemistry, Structure, and the Oxygen Exchange Kinetics
M.Sc. Technical chemistry, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2010


Fellowships, Awards and Honors

Best Poster Award at Solid State Ionics 18 conference, Warsaw, Poland. 2011
Kubicek et al.: "The Relation between Oxygen Reduction Kinetics and Surface Chemistry of La0.6Sr0.4CoO3-δ La0.6Sr0.4Co1-xFexO3-δ Thin Film Cathodes"


Markus Kubicek was working on perovskite oxides and his research activities can be categorized in three main topics, whereby a certain overlap exists between the topics, which is utilized to find synergies to also advance in the respective other fields.

Resistive Switching and Memristors are especially promising for future high density, low energy memory applications. Here a perovskite oxide between two electrodes can be switched into two or more different resistive states. Fundamental questions are of interest, such as: What are the exact requirements for resistive switching? What different mechanisms for switching can be realized? What are the limits in size and power consumption for a memristive device?

The term "Solar to Fuel" is used for a two-step thermo-chemical cycling process, in which H2O and CO2 are converted by use of solar energy into H2 and CO - higher energy compounds - which can then be chemically converted into liquid fuels. State-of-the-art in this novel and very promising energy technology is to use metal oxides such as CeOx or FeOx. However, perovskite oxides are very promising new materials for this application with the potential to improve the efficiency and reduce the necessary high cycling temperatures of the conversion process.

Understanding physics and chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces is crucial to engineer and advance properties of functional perovskite oxides. Interfaces and defects of perovskite oxides determine the kinetics and functionality of any electrochemical device based on them. Research interests here include thin film growth and -analytics, the oxygen exchange reaction, diffusion parameters of perovskite cations and anions, chemical changes at surfaces and interfaces with temperature, gas atmospheres, or voltage.

Perovskite materials for novel applications
Perovskite materials for novel applications

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