Electrochemical Materials
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Research Focus

Spark Award 2014

The team of Electrochemical Material won the Spark Award 2014 for their patent "Strained Multilayer Resistive-switching Memory Elements"
The team of Electrochemical Material won the Spark Award 2014 for their patent "Strained Multilayer Resistive-switching Memory Elements".

(video, 10.03.2014)

Patent: Strained Multilayer Resistive-switching Memory Elements


  • July 2014: We are happy that Reto Pfenninger continues as a PhD student in our group after sucessfully finishing his master thesis.
  • Announcement: Prof. Rupp will give her introductory lecture on April 22nd 2013.

  • Welcome to our new PhD student Yanuo Shi and our new intern Gustav Schiefler

  • Welcome to our new PhDs Sebastian Schweiger and Felix Messerschmitt

  • August, 1st 2012
    Start of the Electrochemical Materials group

Inaugural Lecture


Prof. Jennifer Rupp: Nano-Elektronik und -Ionik: Memristive Speicher und Energie Konversion (video, 08.02.2013)

The Electrochemichal Materials Group makes, designs and investigates materials for novel solid state electrochemical information storage and logic devices, and energy storage and converter units. Here, researching and engineering charge and mass transport at interfaces and within the bulk of the materials are the key. Prominent exampels of the research are the understanding of material kinetics to device performance for memristive information storage/logic devices incl. new structure-ionic transport tuning guidelines for novel prototypes.
All solid state Li batteries co-operating on waste heat for stationary energy grid storage, miniaturized all solid state thin film batteries for on-chip power supply in portable electronics and also as model systems to fundamentally understand the role of material design and charge transfer/capacitances at bulk and interface are in focus in processing, material making and battery electrochemistry and design. New design rules for solar-to-fuel conversion materials may define next generations efficiency
to store grid independent solar energy through solar-driven thermochemical water
and CO2 splitting in sizable-tanks. We focus on new perovskite materials, thermodynamics and kinetics to increase solar-to-fuel efficiencies for reactors.
Micro-solid oxide fuel cells are fascinating solid state devices to understand electrochemo-mechanics for energy conversion membranes and are alternative grid-independent energy supply convertors due to their high specific and volumetric energies for portable electronics to classic batteries.

Highlights of our research can be found in the Paper gallery.


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